Acetates are demo records cut directly into a shellac covered metal master disc in the recording studio. Because the shellac material is soft they cannot be played often and wear out soon. They were made so that the artists, the producer of the manager could take a freshly recorded song home for evaluation. These days the artist might take home a CD-R instead and these now bear the incorrect but historically understandable name CD-Acetates!

Here are acetates which are in the Flames collection:

Title: Another Day Like Today / I'm So Happy
label & number: Artisan
date: unknown, probably 1971

Photos of this acetate are courtesy of the Lee Dempsey collection. (this disc is therefore not in the Flames collection)

Note: the A-side is mis-titled and should have been Another Day Like Heaven. According to Lee the songs feature the well known mixes from the regular releases. 

Title: You Keep Me Hanging On (2 Edits - Unreleased)
label & number: Trutone
date: unknown

Notes: This 10 Inch acetate features two different edits of the longer studio version of You Keep Me Hanging On. The label states "Single Version". The record is contained in a 10 inch Rave sleeve.  


Title: Hey Lord/Lady (Unreleased 7")
label & number: Trutone
date: 1970

Notes: This 10 Inch atetate features two songs from the Flame LP which was recorded in the USA. Both songs are different sounding mono remixes. The brown sleeve has a hand-written "Non-USA" text. The label states "Licensed from Brother Records". It is possible this record was intended for release as a single. 


Title: Fireproof (Unreleased LP)
label & number: Rave XA-424
date: 9th November 1970

Notes: This is a 12 Inch acetate for an unreleased 1970 compilation album entitled Fireproof. All tracks are in mono and come from the first, third and fourth Flames albums and some singles. The sleeve is plain white with handwritten titles and tracks lists. There is a red stamp stating "Return to Audio Dept. - Not Approved". The tracks are:
Side One:
1. Like A Baby (sleeve erroneously states Respect)
2. Pretty Woman
3. I Was Made To Love her
4. Blue Colour
5. Don't Make Your Children Pay
6. One Of These Days (unlisted on sleeve)
Side Two: 
1. Knock On Wood
2. No reply
3. A Place In The Sun
4. Tell It Like It Is
5. Down In The Valley
6. Purple Haze


Title: Ablaze (Unreleased EP)
label & number: Rave RV-113-EP
date: 16th November 1970

Notes: This is a 7 Inch acetate for an unreleased Extended Play record (EP) entitled Ablaze. Although it plays at 33 rpm, EP's normally played at 45 rpm. The tracks are:
Side One:
1. For Your Precious Love
2. Respect
Side Two:
1. Restless
2. Something You Got


Title: For Your Precious Love - 2 versions (10 inch)
label & number: Trutone TOS PR-10-A
date: 25th August 1969

Notes: The record plays at 33 RPM and has both tracks on the same side. It features two different version of the same song, For Your Precious Love, one by the Flames which had been a huge hit a year earlier and one by the Invaders.

It is unknown precisely why this acetate was made. Perhaps someone wanted an quick and easy way to compare different versions, for selecting a reissue.


Title: Tell It Like It Is/Don't Fight It (7 inch)
label & number: Trutone TOS 539
date: 16th June 1969

Notes: The record plays at 33 RPM and has both tracks on the same side. This record was actually released and a regular copy is also present in the Flames collection.



Title: Purple Haze/Purple Raindrops (7 inch)
label & number: Rave/Trutone 801-A
date: 16th September 1969

Notes: The record plays at 33 RPM and has both tracks on both sides. The B-side appears to be flawed. The handwritten label mentions the Trutone label while the sleeve mentions the Rave label.

It appears that this record with the word Purple in the title on both sides was considered for release. No regular copy has ever been spotted.