Autographs, Signatures and Dedications

by members of the Flames

Blondie Chaplin 2003 New Year greeting for reader's of the Rolling Stones magazine
Thanks to Tamara Guo for this one!

A reproduction of the Flame LP poster, autographed by Ricky Fataar in Florida, May 2002
Many thanks to Jeff Byrd for his enthusiasm and kindness

Two Flames 45's dedicated to your humble webmaster by Blondie Chaplin and Steve Fataar (left) and Zayn Adams (right)
My personal thanks to Tertius Louw of Cape Town 


Two Flames LP's signed by Blondie Chaplin and Steve Fataar for Tertius Louw, a South African collector, Flames fan and regular contributor to this website.
Note the millenium year '2000, in which a highly successful  Flames reunion concert took place.

Blondie Chaplin's signature from the back of a Madison Square Garden Rolling Stones leaflet

Set List from the Flames reunion concert at Shongweni in late 2000.
Written by Steve Fataar's daughter Tara, who performed on stage with the Flames.
(Lucky Lady!)
Dedicated to Tertius Louw.