Cover Versions

of the Flames own tunes
including some tunes the Flames covered



As We Know Him
by B.J. Thomas
USA 1982

Note: This album has a cover version of Blondie Chaplin's song Bye Bye Babe



Ray Kennedy
by Ray Kennedy
Japan 1980

Note: This album has Ray Kennedy's own version of Sail On Sailor, co-written with Brian Wilson. Both LP and CD versions are in the Flames collection.

Tender Places Come From Nothing
by U.S. Saucer
USA 1994

Note: this album has a cover version of Hold On Dear Brother, a Chaplin-Fataar composed tune from the Beach Boys Carl and The Passions album of 1972


Let's Play SA
by Various Artists
South Africa 1995

Note: includes a cover of the Flames version of For Your Precious Love, amongst many other SA hits

In The Studio Again (En El Estudio Otra Vez)
by Los Shakers
Uruguay 1971


Note: Sixties pop group from Uruguay, covered the Flame's USA 45 "See The Light" on their 1971 comeback album. This pressing is from Argentina and also features an excellent cover of Paul McCartney's Too Many People. 

Net Sounds Three (2CD)
by Various Artists
Net Sounds 2001

Note: This album of cover versions of Beach Boys songs includes a cover the the Flame's Make It Easy. This version is performed by The Pop Shop (aka George Faulkner) and it's pretty good.

Note: for more information about George Faulkner and his music please surf to  Bolt Records. You can even download an MP3 of the Flame's tune.

7" For Your Precious Love
by Oscar Toney Jr.
Stateside 1967

Note: This is the ORIGNAL version with the spoken intro that the Flames covered for their 1968 monster hit. Shown here is the South African pressing, precisely as it must have been heard by the Flames. In North America it was released on the Bell label. This is also in the Flames collection.



For Your Precious Love LP
by Oscar Toney Jr.
Bell 1967

Note: The South African mono pressing on Stateside and the USA Stereo pressing on Bell are both in the Flames collection.