Here is a selection books, magazines, photos and other documents currently in the Flames collection. At this time they are not sorted in any way. We are always on the lookout for other interesting documents to add to the collection. Of course original documents are naturally preferred but copies are most welcome too!



Note: mentions Flame members Ricky and Blondie joining the Beach Boys and also new single Marsella (sic). 


1001 Record Collector Dreams
Hans Pokora

Note: mentions Flames albums Ummm Ummm Oh Yeah and Soulfire and their values

2001 Record Collector Dreams
Hans Pokora

Note: mentions Flames albums Thats Enough and Ball Of Flames and their values


3001 Record Collector Dreams
Hans Pokora

Note: mentions Flames albums Burning Soul and The Best Of The Flames and their values


The Independent On Saturday

Note: story about Steve Fataar and Tara


New Musical Express

Note: story of Ricky Fataar and Blondie Chaplin joing the Beach Boys


Melody Maker

Note: review of Holland


Groene Hart Magazine

Note: story about Holland and Baambrugge


Teen Magazine
September 1970

Note: features a live photo of the Flame playing in London, with a story about Carl Wilson's discovery of the band

This Whole World The Complete Beach Boys Single and EP Cover Collection
by Schmidt and Haschke

Heroes & Villains
by Steven Gaines

Recording The Beach Boys
by Stephen W. Desper

Note: in this book legendary recording engineer Stephen W. Desper describes in detail how the wonderful sound quality of the Beach Boys' albums Sunflower and Surf's Up was achieved. Steve was also responsible for the Surround mix of the Flame's 1970 USA album produced by Carl Wilson. Steve was kind enough to donate this copy of the book to the Flames collection. Warm thanks!



Hit Parader
date: 1972

Note: announces Ricky Fataar and Blondie Chaplin joining the Beach Boys

Surf's Up
by Brad Elliott
date: 1991

Note: very complete discography including of course some pages dedicated to the Flame and their contributions to Beach Boys records.


Rolling Stones Licks World Tour 2002/03 Theatre Edition
by The Rolling Stones
date: 2002

Note: features a photo of Blondie Chaplin


My Soul Is A Witness
by Marsha Hansen
date: 2006

Note: the CD that comes with this book is mentioned in the Blondie Chaplin solo section


Mojo Magazine
date: 2006

Note: the Rutles feature twice in this issue


Beatlefan Magazine

Date: 1996

Note: includes mention of the Rutles movie and a review of the video release


Sounds Newspaper

Date: April 1972

Note: Ricky Fataar and Blondie Chaplin are mentioned in the headline article as new Beach Boys members. The band was still working on the as yet untitled So Tough album at this time. 


Vox Price Guide 3

Date: April 1992

Note: prices are mentioned of rare Beach Boys and Flame records. 


The Beach Boys
Record Collector Magazine

Date: April 1986

Note: features a list of all Beach Boys UK 45's and EP's, including promo's. 

The Beach Boys
Robert Anstey

Date: 2004

Note: brief and superficial overview of the band's career. The Holland album does not receive the praise it deserves from Mr. Anstey. 

Zoo World
The Music Megapaper

Date: April 1973

Note: contains favourable review of Holland. 

Schwann Record & Tape Guide (USA)
date: July 1972

Note: this catalog announces the single-album version of the Beach Boys "So Tough" album on Brother - 2090. It never appeared in this form. Instead it was released as a special double album, back to back with a mono release of Pet Sounds. 

Autograhed Blondie Chaplin Photo


Beat Instrumental Magazine (UK)
date: April 1972

Note: features a story announcing that Blondie Chaplin and Ricky Fataar have become full members of the Beach Boys and will provide creative input as well. 


Beach Boys Press Kit
date: August 1973

Note: 60 page original 1973 press kit


Mini Poster, signed by Ricky for this website
date: 2002

Note: by Ricky Fataar


Biography from the 3P Group
date: 1970

Note: published in the Netherlands, about the Flame


Advert for the Flame
date: 1970

Note: this mentions that the Flame album was the first compatible Quadraphonic record


Signed Photo of Blondie Chaplin
date: ca. 2000

Note: from the Rolling Stones tour


Cape Argus Newspaper
date: 2003

Note: Article and photo featuring Keith Richards and Steve Fataar


Cape Argus Newspaper
date: 2004

Note: Article and photo featuring Steve Fataar and his daughter Tara


Rolling Stones Tour Leaflet
date: 2000

Note: advertising merchandise, and with Blondie Chaplin's autograph on the rear


Steve Fataar performance leaflet
date: 2003

Note: signed by Steve on the rear


Record Collector
date: 2004

Note: the Beach Boys rare singles section mentions Ricky Fataar and Blondie Chaplin

The Beach Boys
date: 2004

Note: A magnificent book by Keith Badman, detailing the Beach Boys recording and performing careers. Much mention of RIcky Fataar and Blondie Chaplin


Night Rock Newspaper
date: 1981

Note: David Johansen explains his collaboration with Blondie Chaplin


Spec Magazine
date: 1972

Note: small item about Ricky Fataar and Blondie Chaplin. This magazine was clearly aimed at young female fans.

Mojo Magazine
date: 2001

Note: with a review of  a Rutles concert.


Circus Magazine
date: 1977

Note: with an announcement of the upcoming Blondie Chaplin 1977 solo album.


Circus Magazine
date: 1977

Note: with a good short review of Blondie Chaplin's 1977 solo album.


Blondie Chaplin promo photo
date: 1977(?)

Note: probably from around 1977 to coincide with the release of his first solo album. It's published by Premier Talent Associates Inc. New York

Q Magazine
date: 1996

Note: with an excellent article about the Rutles second album Archaeology. Apparently Al Jardine of the Beach Boys was present at the filming of the Shangri-La clip.


date: 1965

Note: with an article about the Flames. Edries Fredericks was their lead singer at the time.

Steve Fataar Concert Poster
date: 2003

Note: daughter Tara also on the bill


History Of Contemporary Music Of South Africa
Garth Chilvers and Tom Jasiukowicz
date: 1994

Notes: contains a page dedicated to the Flames. The discography has a few inaccuracies



All The Rage
by Ian McLagan
date: 1998

Note: Ricky Fataar was a member of Ian McLagan's Bump Band


The Beach Boys
by John Tobler
date: 1978

Notes: has a great photo of the Beach Boys inlcuding Blondie Chaplin and Ricky Fataar, with special guest Elton John


by Jip Golsteijn and Berry Zand Scholten
date: 1973

Notes: features a Carl Wilson interview mentioning Ricky Fataar and Blondie Chaplin


date: 1997

Notes: describes how Ricky Fataar came to play bass in the Rutles


Story ot Pop
date: 1974

Notes: has a photo of the Beach Boys onstage with Elton John (different to the above)


Stones People
date: 1997

Notes: includes a photo of Blondie Chaplin


Real Life (autobiography)
by Marsha Hunt
date: 1986

Notes: explains that Ricky Fataar played on her single (and reveals much else)


Mojo Collections
date: 2002

Notes: a wonderful article about the Holland album


Up Front
date: 2002

Notes: British Airways magazine for the South Africa flight with a short article about the Flames. Album sleeve scans were borrowed from this website


date: 2003

Notes: a short article on the favourite music of Blondie Chaplin


Wax Paper
date: 1978

Notes: Warner Brothers magazine about the Rutles


date: 1971

Notes: Carl Wilson mentions the Flame


date: 2002

Notes: with a story about the Holland album, showing where the sleeve photo was shot (Amsterdam)


Record Collector
date: 1991

Notes: a story about the Rutles records


date: 2003

Notes: inlcudes a short interview with Blondie Chaplin


date: 2002

Notes: enthusiastic low-budget Dutch collectors magazine has story about the Flames collection


The Moody Blues Autumn Tour 1973
date: 1973

Notes: the Nicky James band were support act, with Brother Fataar on bass


The Beach Boys UK tour
date: 1971 (?)

Notes: The Flame were support act


Blondie Chaplin
date: 1977

Notes: print of a portrait for an Asylum/Elektra label promo album featuring songs from Blondie Chaplin's solo album


Blondie Chaplin and Ricky Fataar
date: 1972

Notes: promotion photo during their time with the Beach Boys


Promo Record & CD
Price Guide

date: 1995

Note: values rare Beach Boys promos featuring Fataar and Chaplin


Oor Magazine
date: 1997

Notes: with a story about the Holland album