"Fragile Thread"

A preview of the new solo album by Blondie Chaplin

Blondie Chaplin's new solo album is nearing completion. The title will be "Fragile Thread". The performing cerdits known so far are listed below. It is likely that the compositions wil be all or mostly by Blondie Chaplin. So far two songs are known to be included.

Don't Ask Me 4:23

The song starts with a haunting pipe melody, easing into a gentle rhythm of guitars, keyboards and a wonderful deep driving bass. The refain is "Please please don't ask me how I feel, I may not speak at all". Blondie Chaplin's voice is in superb form, with loads of feeling. A gentle muted guitar solo follows the bridge and it is reasonable to imagine that is Blondie himself playing. A magnificent track, hopefully an indication of a classic album to follow. The combination of pipes and guitar solo at the end defy categorisation!

Stop The Rain 3:46

A medium tempo driving song with great drumming. Wonderful singing with Blondie's voice right there in the room with you. This song gives him room to express himself with that famous upper register goosebump howl we know so well from the Flames' and Beach Boys albums. "Stop the rain from falling on my head" is an irresistible singalong in the best  tradition. A violin solo is a great way to avoid sounding too cliche'd. And during the fade-out some cross-ethnic American Indian chanting just to throw you off the track. Stunning.

So, two tantalisingly superb tracks from the new Blondie Chaplin album that his fans have been waiting for since 1977! Watch this space for more details as they become available.

Drums: Anton Fig from Cape Town
Bass: Keith Lentin
Production: Blondie Chaplin, Ketih Lentin and Rob Fraboni
Recorded: Toronto, Canada
Guests: Keith Richards, Ron Wood, Chuck Leavell, Morris Goldberg