Steve Fataar and Blondie Chaplin revealed various birthdates during an interview with Tertius Louw, late 2000:

Blondie Chaplin      7 July 1951
Ricky Fataar          5 Sept 1952
Steve Fataar          14 March 1943
Brother Fataar       6 July 1945 (passed away 10 September 1978)

Here is an overview of different lineups of the Flames. All members of the Flames are reported to be great singers.
At their formation in 1963 the Flames had the following lineup. This lineup probably only made some very early singles.

guitar: Steve Fataar
bass: Brother Fataar (real name Edries)
drums: George Faber
guitar: Eugene Champion

Note: according to Garth Chilvers and Tom Jasiukowicz' book History of Contemporary Music in South Africa, Sydney Cane sang with the Flames in 1964 (see page 17). An impression is created of a fluid dynamic collective!

From 1964 until 1967 this was the lineup that produced the first two albums, and more singles.

guitar: Steve Fataar
bass: Brother Fataar
drums: Ricky Fataar
guitar: Edries Fredericks

Edries Fredericks was briefly replaced by Baby Duval in 1967. It is not known whether this outfit recorded.

guitar: Steve Fataar
bass: Brother Fataar
drums: Ricky Fataar
guitar: Baby Duval

From 1967 until their ultimate demise in late 1970 the Flames had Blondie Chaplin in the band. They recorded Burning Soul, Soulfire, Soul Meeting and the Flame.

guitar: Steve Fataar
bass: Brother Fataar
drums: Ricky Fataar
guitar: Blondie Chaplin

Here is how one magazine publication published a biography of the Flames. 

It's probably from 1965.
Note Ricky Fataar's height.


Steve Fataar

Brother Fataar

Edries Fredericks

Ricky Fataar

Date of Birth

14-3-43 6-7-45 26-2-48 5-9-52


6 ft. 6 ft. 5 ft. 9 ins. 4 ft. 5 ins.


150 lbs. 130 lbs. 149 lbs. 75 lbs.


Black Black Black Black

Favourite Colour

All shades of blue Blue and Black Lilac Black


Guitar playing and sleeping Sleeping and eating Swimming Philately and soccer

First Job

Social welfare worker Store clerk Still at school Still at school

Favourite Clothes

Casual Jeans and sports shirts Casual Casual

Ideal Girl

Simple Venus de Milo Stacked Mom

Favourite Artists

Buddy Holly, Everly Brothers, Beatles, Stones and American coloured groups Everly Brothers, Stones, Stan Getz, Oscar Peterson Trio Buddy Holly, Stones, Dusty Springfield Buddy Holly, Everly Brothers, Stones, Beatles


To have a record on the hit parade To be rich Play at the London Palladium To be known all over the world


Lead guitar, vocals, group leader Bass-guitar, vocals Rhythm-guitar, harmonica, vocals Drums


People who understand our musical ambitions Making friends Good music Playing soccer, reading, people


People who judge us by appearance Working Snobbish girls Snobs, thickheads, people who judge us by appearance only

Favourite Food

Snacks and curries Steak and chips Grills Snacks and hot food

Favourite Drink

Chocolate milk shake Coke Coke Coke

Biggest Break

Still waiting My leg Still waiting Played at Cape Town's Luxurama


Musician Musician Student Student

Thanks to Tertius Louw for this contribution

Here is something Ricky Fataar wrote about himself for the Bonnie Raitt website .
Ricky's claim of being quite popular is too modest. Their interpretation of For Your Precious Love was a monsterhit.


Born in Durban, South Africa 05/09/52

I started playing drums at age nine with my older brothers. We formed a band called "The Flames," made several recordings, toured all over Southern Africa and became quite popular. In 1968, we moved to London; then L.A. in 1970, after signing to the Beach Boys' "Brother" label for whom we made 2 albums. After we disbanded, I joined the Beach Boys, touring extensively and recording Holland and a 2-disc live album.

I worked in London and L.A. with many artists. During that time Eric Idle asked me to appearing the TV show The Rutles, All You Need is Cash. I played Stig O'Hara (the quiet one).

I met Bonnie in 1979, after working with Ian McLagan and co-producing Australian singer Renee Geyer. It was then she asked me to play on her Green Light album as part of The Bump Band.

I then emigrated to Australia where I played on and co-produced albums for Tim Finn, Crowded House, Jenny Morris, Wendy Matthews, Renee and others. I produced music for the films The Coca-Cola Kid, High Tide and Barry Humpries' Les Patterson Saves the World. I also composed the score for an Australian film Spotswood.